Telephone Systems

At 42 ITS, we specialise in communications whether that be computer networks or telephone systems we are here to help your business communicate

LG Telephone Systems provide total one-stop business communication solutions from small offices to large enterprises with reliable and highly functional products.


The new Nortel LG LDK ip20 system has greatly improved features, including more powerful voice messaging functionality, End User PC administration from a central location, mobile extension (allowing you to pair a mobile phone with a handset, and automatically have calls to your DDI routed to your mobile) and CLI on analogue lines.

In addition it supports up to the minute functionality such as Bluetooth compatibility, IP Networking, Remote IP extension support and 3rd Party CTI Support. This is unprecedented for a unit aimed at the Small Office/Home Office market

There are two pre-configured variants that each provide the core of the system. One is based around 2x ISDN2e trunks, the other uses 4x analogue trunks. The basic components of the system are supplied in the CCU case, and everything needed to set up the base unit is included, creating a system that only requires the addition of handsets. Many expansion options are available through the purchase of additional cards and software.

White Handsets

Black Handsets

DECT cordless phones


The following services are available:-

Our Technical team at 42 ITS are up to date with latest technologies and solutions that can benefit your business with new options to lower your running cost, increase profitability and ensure your organisation is running in the most effective way.

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Network Installations
Patch Panels
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Wireless Solutions
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Server Solutions
Remote Access
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IP Telephony
Free calls

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Computer Solutions

Here at 42 ITS we believe that a custom computer is more than just a tailor made system. Specification, quality and above all a personal service where you, the customer, comes first set our custom service apart from the crowd.

From contact through to delivery and on through years of support we are here to help make your choice of system the right choice for you. Whatever you want, whatever you need and a service we are proud of; that’s what makes our custom machines the best.

So whether you want a fast, water-cooled gaming machine; or a wall hung media centre; or a 64bit micro-cube; or a rack mounted server or anything else, 42 ITS has the answer.

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Computer Installation Support and Advice
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Laptops and Latest Innovative Technology
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PC Design and Build Bespoke to your Specification
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Servers Reliable Trusted Performance
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Support Services

42 ITS’s qualified and well-experienced technical team gives a responsive service to provide businesses with hardware, software and maintenance solutions to meet all their IT needs.

Understanding the importance of keeping businesses working by minimising downtime and making best use of connectivity modes including the Internet and remote support underlies the success of our service.

Our out-of-town location means we can get to clients quickly – and ensures we meet contractual call-out time promises. If clients choose to come to us, they will not encounter the perennial parking problem!

The range of skills that our team members can offer enable them to identify the solutions a business will benefit from, install that solution and, if necessary, help the staff to use it.

Our friendly Helpdesk service covers operating systems and end-user applications. It is manned by expert team members who have Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) qualifications.

From back-ups to domain name registration, we can provide IT.