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How does Online Backup Vault Services work?

Picture10Backup an unlimited number of desktops or servers

Picture9Access your data from any computer with Internet access

Picture8Protect your data with AES 256-bit military grade encryption

Picture7Share your files with friends, family, co-workers or clients

Picture6Rest assured your data is safely stored in multiple geographic locations

Picture5Schedule your backups to occur weekly daily, hourly or continuously

Archive, Access & Protect your priceless files with:

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Off Site Backups

Off Site Backups :-

42 ITS OffSite Online Backup Solution

is designed to automate and simplify data backups, so you never have to think twice about protecting critical files.

Backup You Control

Unlike other remote backup solutions, 42 ITS OffSite Backup doesn’t send your critical data to remote, unknown servers over which you have no control. Instead, you backup data directly to servers that are owned by 42 ITS, with an automatic connection – so you always know where your data is.

Scheduled Backup

Automating scheduled backups are setup for you. You select the files and folders to create a Backup Set, specify how often and when you’d like the backups to be performed, and 42 ITS OffSite Backup will automatically send your Backup Sets to 42 ITS’ s off site storage

Multiple Backup Versions

Specify the number of scheduled backup versions you’d like to keep, so you can restore from the most recent set – or one from months ago.

State-of-the Art Security

All data transferred between machines is securely encrypted via 256-bit SSL. By default, your Backup Sets are stored in a password-protected, encrypted state on the 42 ITS Storage Server, so no matter where you store your data, you are the only person with access to it.

Firewall and Router Proof

The Gateway provided enables instant connections between your PC’s and 42 ITS’s Servers, with no configuration of firewalls and routers required.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows Vista
Windows XP Home, XP Professional
Windows 2000

Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008

Setup Fee £25.00

£5 per Gigabyte of Data that is backed up (Compressed)

All costs are subject to VAT

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42 ITS identifies your needs and delivers the ideal and relevant solutions and skills to ensure you get a return on the investment you have made to maximize your company’s potential.

Aladdin e-token

eToken – Authentication and Password Management

Choosing the right eToken device

eToken’s suite of devices allows organizations complete flexibility to meet their individual needs. From USB tokens for PCs and remote environments, to smartcards for access control and identity badges – eToken’s accessibility, efficiency and portability mean it’s the smart choice for organizations looking to stay ahead in today’s ever changing, digitalized world. All devices support the same security interfaces and work seamlessly with eToken and third-party security applications.

Token Management System (TMS)

The Aladdin Token Management System (TMS) is a robust management system that enables the deployment, provisioning and maintenance of all of eToken devices, including security tokens, smartcards and ID badges,
within an organization. It supports a comprehensive range of security applications such as network logon, VPN, web access, OTP authentication, secure e-mail, data encryption, and many others.

One of the main challenges in managing security in an enterprise is connecting the users, their security devices and the organizational rules, to the associated security applications. The Aladdin TMS provides a unique solution linking all above components into a single automated and fully configurable system.

TMS provides powerful tools so that you can cost-effectively and conveniently handle all aspects of token life cycle management. TMS capabilities include token deployment and revocation, web-based user self-service token enrolment and password reset, automatic backup and restore of user credentials, handling of lost and damaged tokens, and much more.

TMS has an open, standards-based architecture, based on configurable connectors for integrating with a wide variety of security applications. Seamlessly integrated into Active Directory (or operated in a standalone, e.g. shadow domain mode), TMS enables you to intuitively manage tokens throughout the organization, and transparently links token management with user organizational policies.

TMS includes a robust SDK for integration and management of third-party security applications.

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NOD 32

ESET NOD32 – Antivirus Software

ESET Smart Security Business Edition is a new deeply integrated solution providing endpoint security for all sorts of businesses of all sizes. ESET Smart Security brings the speed and preciseness of ESET NOD32 Antivirus and its powerful ThreatSense® engine and combines it with custom engineered firewall and antispam solutions thus creating a form of artificial intelligence constantly vigilant in keeping computers safe from malware and other internet threats. With its smart approach ESET is taking heuristics to the next level.

Key Benefits

Extremely Light System Footprint

The unique build of ESET Smart Security has been optimized during the past few years to perfectly match the system environment. ESET engineered a smart solution with the lowest system footprint on the market insuring the fastest startup and smooth performance. Users won’t even know it’s there, constantly offering comprehensive protection.

Fully Integrated Protection
ESET Smart Security offers comprehensive protection using Antivirus, Antispyware, Personal Firewall and Antispam. These components have been built from the ground up as a single package to provide supreme functionality and synergy. The deep integration of these elements ensures supreme protection, record breaking performance and speed.

Smart Detection

ESET created a form of security oriented artificial intelligence which is exceptionally efficient at detecting malicious behavior. ESET Smart Security focuses on smart detection of malware utilizing advanced heuristics to help protect from unknown threats and generic signatures and genetic technology to help detect unfamiliar mutations of known malware. Computers are most vulnerable to internet threats during the window between the virus outbreak and the signature update. Our ThreatSense® technology minimizes the vulnerability during this window.

Central Remote Administration
The ESET Remote Administrator and Mirror components make sure that the installation and later administration of ESET Smart Security will be absolutely hassle free. A minimal amount of endeavor will be needed to manage the security in the whole network environment therefore cutting valuable time and costs to a minimum, enabling employees to focus on other essentials.

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The ESET Smart Security Business Edition additionally features the ESET Remote Administrator tool to ensure smooth updating and centralized administration in business environments. ESET Remote Administrator offers centralized management of all machines in a local or wide area network for easier setup and faster administration. ESET Smart Security Business Edition insures optimal PC and
networking performance by saving bandwidth usage.

ESET Smart Security has been built from the ground up to provide maximum functionality with a minimum system footprint. Unlike other clumsily bundled security suites ESET Smart Security concentrates on the essentials utilizing advanced technologies in proactive detection to ensure comprehensive protection against viruses, trojans, worms, adware, spyware, phishing, rootkits and other internet threats while ensuring a smooth and unburdened performance of workstations and productivity of employees.

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My expertise lies in the field I work in and I have always been distracted and frustrated by technical, computer related issues which often slow down productivity and increase stress levels. Since setting up my business 4 years ago I have worked with 42its and they have significantly contributed to the smooth running of the business. Whether its a jammed laptop, a new network or an entire telephone system, I value their responsiveness, their expertise, their ability to just get the job done and also the fact that they speak my language! We consider 42its to be part of our team and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Alison F.

Dave Taylor has looked after our expanding IT for some 8 continuous years. We took our IT to him after kissing a lot of frogs within IT land… What is remarkable about his business is how much effort is put into it, we now have a fixed financial immediate response contract and the latter is always delivered either physical or via remote internet access. I have recommended Dave to many of my own clients.

Han www.aloeride.eu

A great service from an efficient and knowledgeable company. 42ITS are now responsible for a range of services at Snow Finders that includes I.T. support, acquisitions, maintenance, electrical solutions, etc. In fact, anything technical and 42 ITS sort it out for us.

Nick E.

Very good business to deal with, know their ‘stuff’. When we had a recent computer problem, they came straight out and got us back up and running in no time. Strongly recommended.

Joanne A.



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42 ITS identifies your needs and delivers the ideal and relevant solutions and skills to ensure you get a return on the investment you have made to maximize your company’s potential.