Computer Installation

42ITS provide a complete install and support service, covering advice on which systems to buy to installation of your hardware and software and configuration of your system. We can help users with setting up of monitors, systems unit, CD / DVD drive, printer and fax/modem, installing your software and configuring the system to your individual needs. We will test your system to make sure that each component is operating properly

Whenever you want to add a new piece of hardware or software, we will be just a phone call away. We will perform the installation and verify that everything is working correctly.

We are here to help you with your problems, no matter how trivial, and guide you through the process of mastering your PC. We offer on-site assistance whenever you have a problem that can’t be solved over the telephone.

Features of our service:

  • Advice on purchasing hardware and software;
  • Configuring your system to your individual needs-to make sure your favorite applications are readily accessible and your documents are stored where you can locate them;
  • On-site assistance to help you with minor problems and training needs;
  • PC set-up, installation and testing-to get your system up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible;